San Feng Qigong 三丰气功


Health Cultivation Exercises 养生功

Expelling the Old and Bringing in the New 吐故纳新

Standing Eight Pieces of Brocade 站式八段锦

Five Animals Qigong 五行气功

Five Animals Frolics 五禽戏

Crane Standing Qigong 鹤行桩

Wudang Bright Eye Practice 武当明目功

Collecting Qi Standing Practice 采气桩功


Martial Qigong 武学气功

Iron Body 桶子功

Iron Arm 铁臂功

Iron Palm 铁砂掌

Iron Throat 铁脖功

Dragon Claw 龙爪手

Mystical two-finger skill 二指玄功

Lightness Training 轻功

Two Extremes Qigong 太乙气功