Wudang Dragon Sword

We've begun teaching a Xingyi/Bagua class Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:00 at Pathways Cooperative downtown (2121 Congress), so stop on by for some circle walking and five element fists!

We've also begun going over the Wudang Dragon Sword 龙华剑 in our Tuesday and Thursday classes. This was a style our grand master learned at Laoshan 崂山 in 1987 from the famous master Kuang Chang Xiu 匡常修. He was famous for his jump kicks. Here's a picture of him.

Though I never met him, everything suggests he was a super cool dude. Lifelong Daoist from a family of Daoists stretching allll the way back. During the agricultural collectivizaiton of the 50's, and then the cultural revolution of the 60's and 70's, he left the temple and traveled around as an itinerant healer with nothing but his acupuncture needles and a bag of herbs.

As with all of our sword forms, there is a secret poem associated with the Dragon Sword. Since it is particularly cool, I'll post it here, for the benefit of our students and all facebook beings, both sentient and non-sentient!

龙华歌诀 Dragon Song

崂山龙华剑 Lao Shan Dragon Sword
道祖代代传 Transmitted within Daoism from generation to generation
明霞洞中创 It was created in the cave of bright red mist
白云洞前练 And practiced in front of white cloud cave
指引迷津路 It points the way through the maze of existence
驾鹤去登仙 By riding on a crane to the immortal realm
跳出轮回圈 One jumps out of the cycle of reincarnation
苍龙飞九天 The blue dragon flies to the ninth heaven
青龙出水时 When the green dragon leaves the water
过海整满天 Passing through the ocean to reach the sky
穿山且透石 Boring through mountains and penetrating stone
伏魔降妖顽 It tames devils and subdues obstinate monsters
八方驱邪魅 Exorcising demons from all eight directions
九地救生灵 Helping departed souls from the nine earths
化行十方界 Transforming and moving in the ten directions
顽石点成金 Transmuting stubborn rock into gold
万灵悉振伏 The myriad spirits know it, and use it to subdue evil
天地皆肃清 Cleansing both heaven and earth
光满太虚境 Light fills the great void to its very boundaries
道气永常存 The Qi of Dao perpetually abides


For reference, here's a slightly dated video of me (Simon) practicing Wudang Dragon Sword. Traditionally the poem is intoned beforehand, to sort of set the mood. If you're going to kill flocks of demons and cleanse the 18 realms, you really need to be in the right mindset, you know?